MAHS is a Martial Arts Fencing Academy in Surrey
4 Goverors of Fencing

The Manley Academy of Historical Swordsmanship

MAHS is a martial arts fencing academy in surrey that is dedicated to the study and practice of the combat arts.

Our Inspiration derives from Medieval and Renaissance Europe. Employing up to date fencing, boxing, eastern martial art principles, movement from other disciplines such as gymnastics and parkour to turn tamed, non moving individuals into a Fighting Fencer. Fit in not just body, but in mind and to be flexible, agile, focused.
HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) is a fast growing sport from Europe dedicated to bring the martial arts of Medieval and Renaissance Europe back to life. Fencing comprises of people all around the world that are enthusiastic for medieval and renaissance weaponry, studying treaties of old left behind by masters of their discipline.
You will be guided by one of our instructors to be a thinking fighter. The more you put in the more you get out. Fitness, flexibility, determination, skills unique to those initiated and that are more valuable now than ever. For we are now still, subdued, mundane.

Your thought process will change, you will
change everyday habits.

You will eat differently,
become more aware of how to fuel your body correctly, lose weight.

You will move
better, enhance your reflexes not just during training but every moment.

You will
belong to something bigger, be a part of the not just the Academy but a brotherhood where through training you will earn respect as a fighter and as a person.

You will become a
fighting fencer, a martial artist, a better you.

You Can.
Within our fencing academy our primary goal is to guide each student in the art of fencing. Our Disciplines are not divided into separate courses for each weapon as it is just one martial art, as once you learn and understand how to fence you will be able to use any weapon of your choice.

The weaponry used are;

  • Longsword
  • Rapier
  • Rapier & Dagger
  • Dagger
  • Cane / Walking Stick
  • Unarmed Combat / Wrestling
  • Sabre
Private lessons & Group sessions are available upon request. Please click here for details.
Other skills are based around fitness and movement. Studying the Ido Portal Method, MAHS has worked endlessly to incorporate movement and callisthenics within the Academy. To use movement as a tool that allows us to study into what it is to be a fencer/fighter has proved invaluable.

We welcome people of all ages regardless of fitness levels. Upon joining, insurance is then provided and a uniform is given including a notebook. Your fitness levels will increase through training, as will your flexibility. Our aim is to enhance your mind and body through martial practice, but still remain within good spirits. For learning is a true gift.

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Working with The Body Fix Clinic
The Bodyfix Clinic are an Osteopathy Clinic based near Epsom. We have a good relationship as being in an active martial art we do sometimes occur injuries that require professional attention. The Bodyfix Clinic attends to our needs fast and with effective results including Fencers Elbow, Deep Sports Massage, as well as body MOT's.
The Manley Academy of Historical Swordsmanship
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