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Mr Toby Manley
Co-Founder / Master At Arms

Knowledge - Rapier, Rapier & Dagger, Longsword, Sabre, Dagger, Staff, Cane / Walking Stick, Unarmed Combat

Primary Discipline - Rapier, Rapier and Dagger

Throughout his life he has been involved in sports including weight lifting and boxing. He began his swordplay training in 2008 with The London Longsword Academy under head instructor David Rawlings. Here he learnt multiple different styles of weaponry such as sword and buckler, staff, rapier, but eventually fell in love with Longsword. As one of the senior members he was included in the making of The LLA’s Sword and Buckler video entitled “OBSESSEO”,

Due to personal circumstances he decided to venture out and start a small group with Jim and other like minded people to continue his practices. Within time he stumbled across The School of European Swordsmanship led by Mr Guy Windsor. Toby travelled with Jim to see Mr Windsor in Finland over a long weekend where Guy opened up the arts of fencing before Toby and Jim’s eyes, showing them that there is a much bigger world within the art.

So with new determination Toby trained and studied everything to do with Fiore Di Librei. He acquired the Getty treaty which took up most of his spare time studying wrestling, dagger, single sword, longsword, spear, staff and half sword, with the Longsword as the primary focus.

Eventually through chance Toby stumbled across The Sussex Sword Academy led by Mr Andrew Feest (Master of Arms). It was here that Toby learnt the true ethos of fencing passed down from Master to student using the Rapier as the primary tool. Although training with Andrew is complete, Toby still studies methods to develop further.

His works have lead him to looking at Martial Arts with a different perspective, having studied the Wim Hoff Method and The Movement Culture by Ido Portal, Toby has moved into the realms of Callisthenics, Cold exposure, Body Weight Fitness. To master oneself is now his primary objective.
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Mr James Manley
Co-Founder / Instructor

Knowledge - Longsword, Dagger, Cane / Walking Stick, Unarmed Combat, Boxing

Primary Discipline - Longsword

James Manley has had many years experience in the fighting arts. From an early age he studied Judo and boxing. Moving into the weight lifting scene from and early age, this taught jim the fundamental principles of fitness and discipline. Instructing on and off over a series of years he also enlisted into Her Majesties Royal Marines. After service Jim continued his passion for weight lifting and privately performed feats of extraordinary achievement for charities and personal goals.

In late 2008 Jim ventured into the fencing scene. He once again fell in love with a discipline and pursued to learn intently all there was on Longsword using Fiore Dei Liberi as he’s foundation.

Studied at The London Longsword Academy & School of European Swordsmanship.
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Mr Daniel Cooper
Assistant Instructor

Knowledge - Longsword, Rapier, Dagger

Primary Discipline - Rapier

Following an interest in the medieval era and history, Daniel joined The London Longsword Academy alongside Toby and Jim. When they decided to go their own way Daniel followed and has been under their instruction ever since.

From the beginning, Daniel has always thoroughly enjoyed studying the art of Longsword but since being introduced to Rapier, he has discovered a new passion.
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Mr Andy Walker
Assistant Instructor

Knowledge - Rapier, Rapier & Dagger, Longsword

Primary Discipline - Rapier

Andy developed an interest in historical fencing during his study of military history at university. After graduating he looked for a place to learn how to fence and found the London Longsword Academy. He then followed Toby and Jim when they decided to go their own way.

After several years learning to fence with the longsword Andy was introduced to the rapier in 2015. It has since become his primary weapon and he was awarded Scholar Level IV in April 2018. He is now improving his skills with rapier and dagger.
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